Church President Michael Osborn takes questions from congregants attending the first Transition Coffee Talk.

On Sunday, February 9, 2020 Piedmont Community Church President Michael Osborne and members of the Board of Trustees met with congregants after worship in Guild Hall to discuss our upcoming Senior Minister Transition. Information regarding the process, as outlined in church bylaws, was discussed. A Transition timeline, along with key definitions, was distributed. That information follows:

March 2020
Board of Trustees Initiate Transitional Minister Search
In March, our Board of Trustees will recruit and establish a small committee of church members to plan and recruit a Transitional Minister for our Church. We anticipate the Transitional Minister to be installed early January 2021.

September 30, 2020
Dr. William McNabb Retires
Our Senior Minister will retire on September 30, after 19 years of outstanding service to Piedmont Community Church. We will be organizing a proper retirement party and celebration of Bill’s service in late summer.

October 1- January 2021
Church Staff Provides Continuity and Interim Leadership
From October 1, to the time we can recruit a Transitional Minister, our current staff, led by Associate Minister Dr. Don Ashburn with the support of Rev. Scott Kail, Dr. Stephen Main, Rev. Dottie Hutch and lay leadership, will lead us through 2020.

January 2021
Transitional Minister Starts
Our Transitional Minister will be the leader of our church staff and minister during his or her service. They will also provide guidance to the Board of Trustees and a specific Mission Study team to create the blueprint for a Pastoral Nominating Committee (PNC) that will lay out the priorities and criteria the congregation unites upon in finding the ideal minister to lead us for another era. The Mission Study will begin in 2021 and continue until complete, after which the PNC will embark on their service.

See Transitional Minister Job Posting

Church member Eric Behrens asks a question about the Transition time frame.

Key Definitions

Transitional Minister
A Transitional Minister, often called an intentional interim pastor, is called when a church determines there are sufficient grounds for a trained specialist. It is appropriate where there is recent light or moderate conflict, a pastorate of 10-15 years, or shifts in congregational demographics and/or shifts in the context of ministry.

The transitional pastor will have specialized training appropriate to the needs of the congregation. The
minister will be considered full time and will be committed to addressing issues as agreed in the contractual terms as a significant part of intentionality. This minister is most likely recruited from the region and the term of service is usually 1 to 3 years.

Mission Study
Our interest is the health and vitality of your congregation. Often times there are many different points of reflection to consider in order to move forward in as healthy a way as possible. For this reason, the mission study process may take some time–usually 6 to 8 months. Please do not be daunted by this time frame. While we recognize that being in transition is never easy, many congregations have found the time of reflection and discernment during the mission study period to be invaluable for the success and health of their future ministry.

We believe God is with us in this process.

The Mission Study will undergo a comprehensive reflection upon the history, review the current status and set direction for the future of the congregation in the areas of:

• Spiritual Health
• Pastoral Leadership
• Membership and Church Growth
• Finances and Stewardship
• Mission and Social Justice
• Its Role and Relationship to the Community

Photo at Right: Trustee Joan Chow addresses the transitional meeting on February 9.

See Transitional Minister Job Posting

Transitional Minister Nominating Committee is:

Chairperson: Rich Thompson
Trustee Member: Dani Montague
Congregational At-large Members: Eric Behrens, John Chiang and Ann Lin