Each Sunday

10 am ~ Worship – in the Sanctuary, with organ, hymns, prayer and preaching. This service lasts about one hour. Sunday school for children and youth is provided at the same hour. We have devices for those who are hard of hearing.

Communion is open to anyone who is called to receive the body and blood of Christ at the Lord’s Table.  It is celebrated on the first Sunday of each month. If you have questions about the Lord’s Supper, or about anything else at Piedmont Church, please contact one of the pastors.

Baptisms for infants, youth and adults usually take place during the 10am worship service on Sunday mornings. A meeting between the parents and the minister is required. Please contact the office manager, Jean Leahy, at (510) 547-5700, or jean@piedmontchurch.org.

Funeral and Memorial services are coordinated with a liturgical minister and music minister. Programs are provided as well as a host/usher. Additional rooms are available for a fee if an on-site reception is desired. Please contact the office manager, Jean Leahy, at (510) 547-5700, or Jean@piedmontchurch.org

Special Worship Services

At Piedmont Community Church, holidays are celebrated according the liturgical seasons of the church calendar.

Advent and Christmas:  To celebrate with the wider community, Piedmont Church hosts an evening of Christmas Caroling after the lighting of the City of Piedmont’s Christmas Tree.  Under the direction of our Music Minister, Dr. Steven Main, our Chancel Choir is joined by an orchestra to perform a Christmas Cantata.  Christmas Eve Services feature a family oriented service at 4 pm and candlelight services at 9 and 11 pm.

Lent and Easter:  Lent begins with a special dinner followed by a worship service on Ash Wednesday.  During Holy Week, we have a palm procession by the children on Palm Sunday.  A dinner takes place on Maundy Thursday, followed by worship.  Then we conclude our Easter preparations with a service on Good Friday evening.  Then, to celebrate the Day of Resurrection, we have a worship service on Easter Sunday; the service features the full Choir and Special Music in the Sanctuary at 10am.

Other Special Services: In the fall, we have worship service to welcome young people into membership after Confirmation. In the spring, we will have a service to celebrate the annual Youth Mission Trip to Mexico to build houses for those in need. There are also two special music services each year, one with an “Americana” flavor — with stringed instruments and congregational singing – and a Choir Sunday in early June.