life groups

Life Groups are small groups that gather weekly on Thursday evenings from September 28 through November 2.  We start with dinner at 6:15pm in the Guild Hall.  Then, we get together in groups meeting in various rooms at the church at 7pm for sharing, support and study. Any adult is invited to be part of a group, whether you’ve attended in the past or not. 

You can sign up to be part of a Life Group by clicking here: You can also sign up in the Courtyard after worship, or by contacting Don Ashburn at:


Whether or not you’ve ever studied the Bible before, you’re invited to a weekly online study led by Don Ashburn. Each Monday from 10 – 11am, a group of 8-12 people get together to study scripture in light of their own lives. The focus continues to be on the Gospel of John.  

For more information, contact Don Ashburn at

Here is the Zoom link:


Starting on October 1, Don Ashburn will teach a 5-week class on ‘How to Read the Bible.’ The class will meet each Sunday following worship in the Kettlewell Room for one hour, starting at 11:15am. You are invited to attend this class, whether you’ve been studying the Bible for years or are just curious about what this ancient book has to do with your life today. Topics to be discussed include: What is the Bible?; How did it come to be?; How should we study it? and; What relevance does it have for us today?  

To guide the discussion, class participants will use a short book called Your Bible: The Study Begins. To order a copy, please contact Dr. Ashburn by no later than September 20. There is a suggested donation of $20 for the book. For more info, or to order a workbook, contact Dr. Ashburn at


This Fall, we are pleased to team up with an online learning community called ReWire to offer an in-depth course in spiritual formation. Starting on Tuesday, October 17, the online class will meet from 5 to 6:30 pm for 10 weeks. Participants will come from all over the country and beyond, to learn how to authentically follow Jesus in a loving, serving community within a cultural context that promotes consumerism, conflict and isolation.  

Each week will consist of one group class session, along with daily rhythms of prayer, learning, and action, according to ReWire’s ‘Inward, Outward, Together’ discipleship process. Both Steve Schibsted and Don Ashburn have participated in ReWire classes in the past, and are friends of this class’ facilitator, JD Ward. Dr. Ashburn will be participating in (not leading) the class as well. There is no cost to joining for participants, though there is a deadline to sign up by September 25.  To do so, or for more information, please contact Dr. Ashburn at


On Saturday, October 14, Rev. Shannon Coon will lead a workshop on spiritual practices. It’s important not to teach spiritual practices as the end goal, or just things we can “do,” to make us “more Christian.”  Rather, since God’s grace is available to us in a myriad of ways, certain practices can position us to receive God’s grace. The workshop will start at 10 am and end at noon and will take place in the Chapel in Christian Education Building.  Rev. Coon is Associate Pastor of Adult Ministries at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Newport Beach, CA.  She served for many years with Steve Schibsted at Bidwell Presbyterian in Chico.  The workshop will start at 10 am and end at noon and will take place in the Chapel in Christian Education Building.  For more information, please contact Don Ashburn at


On October 27 and 28, Kim Watson will offer an introductory course on the spiritual dynamics of Enneagram personality type, for those who were not able to attend the course she led last spring. To sign up, or for more information, please contact Don Ashburn at