Becoming a Member

If you are led to become a member of Piedmont Community Church, or just want to get more information about our congregation, we invite you to attend just one of our “Getting to Know Piedmont Church” gatherings.  These are held 3 times each year — in fall, winter and spring.  If you can’t make a gathering, you can meet personally with Rev. Dr. Don Ashburn or Rev. Scott Kail.  The gatherings happen at church.  Personal meetings with Dr. Ashburn or Rev. Kail can happen at a mutually agreed upon place and time.  At those times, we’ll explore our faith journeys, discuss the life of the congregation and envision your place within it.

Dates for the next Gatherings will be updated soon

If you would like to join the church, you will be received into membership during a Sunday morning worship service.  At that time, with all those who will also be joining, you will publicly profess your faith in Jesus Christ by answering a few questions in unison. If you have not yet been baptized, you will receive the sacrament of baptism as well (which can happen in public, or in private).  Piedmont Community Church recognizes baptisms from all Christian denominations as being sufficient expressions of God’s grace.

Regardless of membership status, all are invited to participate in church activities or to seek pastoral care. Please visit the upcoming events page for a list of current happenings.  For more information, to sign up, or to schedule a meeting please contact Dr. Don Ashburn at: or (510) 547-5700, ext. 105; or contact Rev. Scott Kail at: or (510) 547-5700, ext. 110.