'Community' Is Our Middle Name

At Piedmont Community Church — it’s who we are!

In addition to the time we spend in worship, service and education, we gather together — for fun and fellowship, to meet new friends, to share common interests, to lend one another support and to celebrate our life together.  There are many ways to get involved in and to be in fellowship.

Here are just a few:

2nd Friday Adult Fellowship

Adult fellowship gatherings are a vibrant thread running through the tapestry of PCC life. They usually happen on the 2nd Friday of the month, starting at 6:30 PM, running from September to June.  A gathering may involve a potluck dinner at the home of a church member, which serves as a way for adults to meet one another in an informal atmosphere, with good food and conversation. Occasionally a guest speaker offers a talk on an interesting subject, or a fun class may be taught, or there may be a trip to a local event.  Whatever is planned, an Adult Fellowship gathering is simply an occasion to relax and catch up with one another. All adults are invited to attend, whether or not they are part of the PCC community.  So, invite a friend, or a few!  Activities are planned by a team of lay people, along with Rev. Don Ashburn.  And new ideas for gatherings, outings or events are always welcomed.

Shared Interest Groups

Shared Interest Groups are just what the name implies.  They are groups of people who share a similar interest and who want to join together in pursuing it.  Currently, there are 6 groups that meet periodically in the areas of: Hiking, Theater, Dinner Club, Needles and Hooks (crochet and needlepoint), Family Pizza and Game Night, and East Bay Restaurant and Food Trucks.  To sign up for a group, or for more information, contact Rev. Don Ashburn at:  don@piedmontchurch.org, or 510-547-5700, ext. 105.  More groups will be starting soon.  So, stay tuned!

Small Groups

Small Groups allow groups of 8 – 12 people to gather for study, discussion, support and fellowship.  They meet at church, in members’ homes, and in other locations.  New Small Groups are being formed regularly. So, please keep an eye out for a group that you might consider joining. For more information, please contact Rev. Don Ashburn at: don@piedmontchurch.org, or 510-547-5700, ext. 105.