Dressed for the occasion, Christina Miller holds one end of a string tied to a pretzel while Suzie Skugstad attempts to take a bite. Jan Ghirardelli cheers them on at left. The game was played during an Oktoberfest celebration held in the church Courtyard on Saturday, October 21.

Photographs by Michael Barber

Children participate in the pretzel eating game.
Alison Fletcher holds tight to a family heirloom in hopes of not breaking it before filling it with homemade beer.
Patti Heilbron makes a comment about Sara Hirsch’s hair style during the festival.
Taking his ‘Wrightful’ place at the grill, Bob readies brats for the fire.
Wearing a costume she made earlier in the day, Suzie Skugstad sings a song from Sound of Music with Dr. Alan Ross.
Jan Ghiradelli, right, chats with Nancy Branagh in the Courtyard.
John Ringer enjoys conversation and a frosty beverage.
Fully in the moment, Judy Wright lifts a beer stein.
David Leahy and Paul Simonson enjoy a quiet chat on a Courtyard bench.
Associate Pastor Don Ashburn, right, welcomes the Putrenkov family.