A Vision for the Future

“A Vision for the Future of Piedmont Piedmont Community Church” (2009)

In order to envision the future of any organization, it is necessary to re-examine and to re-assess its mission: the core, defining, motivation purpose that sets the plan in motion and gives it meaning. For a Christian church, that purpose is perhaps stated most clearly in what is called “The Great Commission” – the last words the risen Christ says to his disciples at the end of Matthew’s Gospel (Matthew 28: 19-20)

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything that I have commanded you. And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

There are many ways to interpret the meaning of these words – literally or figuratively, exclusively or inclusively, charitably or arrogantly. But the root message is clear: Jesus sends his disciples – that is, his Church – into the world to actively share the Good News of God’s grace and mercy, peace and love. The Church does this by word and by deed, in humble confidence and in compassionate service. Through baptism, it welcomes people who respond to God’s grace into a community of faith, the Body of Christ. Through teaching it nurtures growth in the Spirit and develops the gift of discipleship. At the same time, and following Jesus’ own example, it reaches out in love to serve all people, regardless of nationality, gender, social status or religious affiliation. All this it does, remembering that Jesus promises to be with the Church when the Church is aligned with his mission.

The words of the Great Commission underlie the Mission Statement of Piedmont Community Church:

“Welcoming and nurturing disciples to serve.”

Vision:  We are a group of Christians who aspire to:

Understand and grow in our faith.

  • Deliver relevance, variety and excitement in all Christian Education (CE) programming, to improve the frequency of participation and satisfaction to be found in it.
  • Create worship opportunities for and appealing to a broader group of participants so that we may better express our faith and increase our understanding of God through worship.

Care for and support one another.

  • Seek to bring the comfort and healing of God to all by bringing pastoral care to all in the church community who need and desire care.
  • Improve comfort and inclusiveness of the whole church community (beyond Piedmont) in all CE programming (child, youth and adult) and Fellowship activities.
  • Increase participation in fellowship activities so that more members attend more events each year.
  • Improve clarity, reach, timeliness and accessibility of all CE and fellowship program communications.

Serve others beyond our church walls.

  • Encourage a lifestyle of service by increasing participation in our church’s Mission program and by involving more church members in at least one Mission activity.
  • Help church members identify and use their gifts to serve.
  • Publically demonstrate our commitment to Mission.
  • Increase awareness of Mission opportunities.

Welcome others into the life our church.

  • Develop and manage ongoing outreach/recruitment program to increase child, youth and adult participation in Sunday School, Christian Education, Fellowship and Mission.
  • Increase awareness and visibility of our church in Piedmont and neighboring Oakland neighborhoods through hosting and publicizing open, welcoming events.

Act as good and faithful stewards of God’s gifts.

  • Create greater transparency, accountability and communication in financial matters
  • Create greater transparency, accountability, communication and institutional memory relative to governance.

5 Areas of our Church Life to Achieve Vision:

  1. Worship, Music, Pastoral Care To come to God as individuals, as families and as a community. To bring the care, comfort and healing of God to members in need.
  1. Fellowship To create a strong, inclusive community of believers who care for and support one another.
  1. Christian Education To provide the spark, foundation, enrichment, guidance and support for a lifelong Christian spiritual journey.
  1. Mission To meet, serve and work with people beyond our congregational community, whether close to home or around the world.
  1. Governance & Finance To allocate and manage church financial, personnel and facility resources faithfully, effectively and efficiently.