On the first day of the new NextGen Ministry, Director Kerry Persichitte (right) works the checkin desk while volunteer Christy Guidici looks on.
Photos by Michael Barber
Christy and Kerry finalize plans ahead of opening doors to students and parents.
Kids Ministry Director Leslie Quantz chats with a volunteer early Sunday morning.
The welcome area is staged and ready for visitors.
From left, Julie Wu, Christy Guidici, Gen Hiller, Kerry Persichitte and Carolyn Chun pose for a photo before opening doors.
Maryna Putrenkov receives last minute instructions from Kerry.
Minutes before doors open, Senior Pastor Steve Schibsted prays with Kerry and volunteers.
In the newly-renovated youth room, Rev. Scott Kail searches for program-related music on the TV.
One of the first to arrive, Evan Jahn (center) can’t believe the changes made to the entrance.
Senior Pastor Steve Schibsted greets parent Blair Jahn.
Steve greets families as they enter the Christian Education Building for the first time since renovations began.
Families make their way toward the sign-in kiosks.
Families check in to receive their name tags with the help of a volunteer.
Students wear name tags that identify them with the program to which they are assigned.
Shortly after checking in, Erin Gore and her son, Wiley, explore the new space.
Iona McLauglin with father, Mark, peels her name tag sticker before heading to class.
The Lee family is eager to see their new classrooms.
Children make their way down the hall to their classrooms from the main entrance.
The nursery has been redesigned with new flooring, mats and toys.
Volunteer Megan Palsa enjoys time with a young girl in the nursery.
The elementary classroom is already well attended on the first day.
Elementary student Maddie Webster is eager to volunteer during class.
A young elementary student takes a short break from learning.
Elementary students design a picture depicting the first days of creation.
Rev. Scott Kail encourages middle school students to participate in singing.
Middle school student Elizabeth Farmer participates in a game at the opening of class.
Student Andre Stolincy ponders before answering a question in class.

Technical Information
Photographs were made using 2 Leica M10 cameras with Voigtlander 21mm and 50mm lenses