On Sunday, November 12, the lives of two new centenarians were celebrated at Piedmont Church. John Becker and Evelyn Edens, born days apart in November, 1923, enjoyed a gathering and stream of well-wishers during the event hosted by their families in Guild Hall.
Photographs by Michael Barber

John Becker leans in to give sage advice to a young boy and his mother as his daughter, Liz, looks on.
Evelyn Edens clinks glasses of wine with granddaughter Michele and daughter Alison Fletcher.
John Becker receives a toast by daughter Liz Becker.
Evelyn Edens watches as a birthday cake is prepared.
Alison Fletcher, son Darren and daughter Michele light the birthday candles.
John Becker holds Evelyn Edens’ hand while ‘Happy Birthday’ is sung.
John Becker and Evelyn Edens were born just days apart in November, 1923.
Evelyn Edens receives a kind word during her 100th birthday party.
Parishioner and friend Joyce Hicks greets John Becker during the party.
Balloons representing 100 years float above a decorated table of savory treats.