Ways to Serve

Here you will find all sorts of ways to serve God and other people through the various ministries and mission partners of the church – ranging from occasional or one-time commitments, to regular events or ongoing groups you can join. You will also find some ways to “be served” as well. For example, if you or someone in your immediate family were in the hospital, you might request a meal to be provided and delivered to your home by our Food Angels. Then, after things “return to normal,” you could volunteer yourself to be a Food Angel for someone else in their time of need. See how it works?

With that in mind, feel free to browse through these links. Let your head and your heart guide you. Get in touch with the contact person listed under each category. And take this opportunity to serve or be served, according to the leading of the Spirit. Only home phone numbers are included for “Contact Persons.” If you need an email address, please contact the Rev. Dr. Don Ashburn at (510) 547-5700, ext. 105, or by email at: Don@PiedmontChurch.org.

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