Photos By Michael Barber

RETIRING THE MAGIC WAND – Piedmont Church Associate Pastor Don Ashburn holds up a sparkly ‘magic wand’ used by retiring office manager Jean Leahy, left, during a special event in her honor. She jokingly used the wand to help church issues disappear. Jean was honored after worship on Sunday, August 27 after 31 years of service. Jean’s husband, David, enjoys the fun. 
Retiring Office Manager Jean Leahy chats with parishioner Linda Adams during a gathering in Jean’s honor.
Senior Pastor Steve Schibsted delivers opening remarks in the Courtyard.
Rev. Scott Kail gives Jean a hug as he reminds the gathering of the many contributions Jean has made to the church, and to him personally.
Jean’s family enjoys the comments given in Jean’s honor.
Church event coordinator Carol Leslie explains how Jean has helped her through the years.
Jean’s husband, David Leahy, watches in the Courtyard.
Jean and David share a laugh with Senior Pastor Steve Schibsted.
Jean accepts accolades from Steve.
David takes the mic to add that Jean has always been the glue that keeps his family together.
Associate Pastor Don Ashburn thanks Jean for her service to the church.
Jean receives a warm hug from Don.
Jean explains how much the church has meant to her, and that it has been a joy to serve.
Jean’s family gathers for a quick photo after the event.