Care at Piedmont Church

Pastoral Care

Clergy are available to offer spiritual care, guidance, support and visitation for those in need — at church, in homes or workplaces, in hospitals.  They are also available to conduct Memorial Services and Funerals, onsite or off-site.  Please contact the church office to set up an appointment at (510) 547-5700

Parish Visitation

At Piedmont Church, we reach out to those who are unable to attend worship services, or other events, on a regular basis.  We “bring the church to those who can’t be in church.”  Our Minister for Visitation, the Rev. Dottie Hutch, visits many church members on a regular basis.  She also leads a program in which Lay Members of our church Volunteer to connect with one or more people who are home or hospital-bound.  We are always looking for volunteer Parish Visitors.  Rev. Hutch will connect you with a person who could use a friendly visit or a phone call at least twice a month.  So, if you think you might like to be a Parish Visitor, or if you know of someone who could use someone to connect with, contact Dottie at the church office by phone at (510) 547-5700, or by email at: