Transitional Minister
Piedmont Community Church, Piedmont, California

Piedmont Community Church seeks a Transitional (Interim) Minister for this non-denominational, 110-year-old Christian church based in Piedmont, California.

Piedmont Church is a thriving and financially stable church with an active, diverse congregation of approximately 1,000 members. The church holds strong its belief that God’s unconditional love and grace is for all people, regardless of age, race, economic status, religious background, gender or sexual orientation. All are welcome. Two Sunday services draw an average of 200 worshippers and a loyal online following.

Piedmont Community Church
Piedmont Church has a long and successful history in the City of Piedmont. It has been an integral part of the community for 110 years, with a number of thriving programs and activities including:

• A high-quality staff with an average tenure of 15 years.
• A renowned choir with diverse music offerings throughout the year, including sold-out Christmas Concerts, Americana Sundays and other special programs.
• A well-known youth ministry program that includes an annual mission trip of 300 students and adults traveling during spring break to build houses in Tijuana, Mexico.
• Well-established sister church relationships with Imani Community Church in nearby Oakland and Kafita CCAP Church in Malawi, Africa.

Job Purpose
The Transitional Minister will help Piedmont Church stay focused on its mission and maintain its programs. The Minister will help guide the congregation through a process of reflection and analysis to define a vision of how the church can most effectively build upon its internal capabilities and strengths to serve God’s purpose in the support of the congregation, surrounding communities and around the world. The culmination of the Transitional Minister’s work will be the positive preparation of the congregation to receive a new Senior Minister following the retirement of Dr. William McNabb, who has served our church with distinction for the past 19 years.

Church Mission
“To Welcome and Nurture Disciples to Serve.” The people of Piedmont Church are a group of Christians who aspire to:

Understand and grow their faith
Piedmont Church is committed to create worship opportunities for and appealing to a broader group of participants so that we may better express our faith and increase our understanding of God through worship; to deliver relevance, variety and excitement in all Christian Education (CE) programming for children, youth and adults; to improve the frequency of participation and satisfaction to be found in it.

Care for and support one another
Piedmont Church seeks to bring the comfort and healing of God to all by providing Pastoral Care for the church community; to improve comfort and inclusiveness of the wider community in all CE programming (child, youth and adult) and fellowship activities.

Serve others beyond our church walls
Piedmont Church encourages members to explore a lifestyle of service by increasing participation in the church’s Mission program; by involving more church members in at least one Mission activity; to help church members identify and use their gifts to serve; to publicly demonstrate our commitment to Mission and to increase awareness of Mission opportunities.

Welcome others into the life our church
Piedmont Church manages ongoing outreach and recruitment programs to increase child, youth and adult participation in Sunday School, Christian Education, Fellowship and Mission; to increase awareness and visibility of the church in Piedmont and neighboring Oakland neighborhoods through hosting and publicizing open, welcoming events.

Church Response to COVID-19 Crisis
The Coronavirus pandemic forced the closing of Piedmont Church and the Sanctuary on March 15, resulting in a strong push toward digital solutions for worship, outreach, meetings and even pastoral care. While Piedmont Church had been broadcasting live worship services since August of 2018, online worship attendance increased by 900%, with an average 1,800 views in April and May. Short, produced videos from clergy kept congregants connected and engaged with more than 2,000 views each. Youth leaders and small groups – including Bible studies – continued to meet using online platforms, as did church staff and lay leaders. Sunday school lessons were posted online weekly for parents to share with their children. A group of volunteers sewed protective masks by hand for use by a local hospital, medical center and a children’s palliative care facility – quickly donating over 1,300 fabric masks in a rapid start-up.

Many of these efforts were featured on local news websites and newspapers, including and the Bay Area News Group, reaching more than 500,000 readers.

Key Responsibilities
Worship Leadership
The Transitional Minister will conduct regular weekly worship services and special holiday services in conjunction with the Associate Minister and Minister of Music. He/she will prepare and deliver sermons that are biblically and theologically sound, inspirational, uplifting and relevant to help deepen and guide the spiritual life of the congregation. Additionally, the Transitional Minister will conduct weddings, funerals and memorial services in coordination with the Music and Associate Ministers.

Engagement Process
The Transitional Minister will gain detailed familiarity with the ongoing Congregational Engagement Process, its background findings and recommendations. He/she will provide leadership and support during its ongoing implementation.

Chief of Staff
The Transitional Minister will supervise the work of the ministerial and non-ministerial staff. This will include the work of all paid and volunteer church staff, consistent with the latest version of the Personnel Handbook. With clear expectations and assigned accountabilities, he/she will provide leadership, direction and inspiration at weekly staff meetings, quarterly staff planning days and scheduled staff retreats to coordinate church activities designed to promote congregational goals through a culture of support and shared responsibility. The Transitional Minister will meet individually with staff members to track progress in accomplishing congregational and personal goals. He/she will provide constructive feedback and opportunities for improvement as needed for professional development. The new Transitional Minister will also serve as staff liaison to the Personnel Committee of the Board of Trustees.

Pastoral Care
The Transitional Minister will support the pastoral care work of the Associate Minister and the Minister of Parish Visitation. He/she will share in hospital and home visiting, emergency response and pastoral counseling as appropriate.

The Transitional Minister will ensure that Piedmont Church’s sister church relationships with Imani in Oakland and Kafita in Malawi remain strong and vigorous, reinforcing the liaison roles of the Associate Ministers in these relationships. He/she will also support local mission organizations, such as Faith in Action and our Refugee Task Force, to address local social issues and elevate Piedmont Church’s visibility and voice in the greater community. The Transitional Minister will also reinforce the role of the Associate Minister in this effort.

Liaison with Board of Trustees
Working closely with the various committees of the Board, the Transitional Minister will manage the operating expenses consistent with the annual budget. He/she will lead our annual stewardship and endowment campaigns. The Transitional Minister will also coordinate human resource matters with the Personnel Committee.

The Transitional Minister will maintain open, transparent and extensive communications with the congregation, with individuals and with groups. The Transitional Minister will often meet with informal groups and in informal gatherings. He/she will provide ready accessibility to church members and staff. The Transitional Minister will work closely with the Director of Communications and the President of the Board of Trustees to develop a comprehensive communications plan for the overall transition process.

One of the most important duties of the Transitional Minister will be to apply his/her training and experience to introduce additional evaluation and analytical processes to reconfirm and build upon the work completed and underway in the Engagement Process. This work (The Mission Study, within a target completion of 6 months from hire) will expand the congregations’ understanding of the rapidly changing external environment and the potential roles for Piedmont Church in our communities and in our broader mission outreach programs. The overarching role of the Transitional Minister is to lead the congregation through a period of self-evaluation and external analysis. He/she will need to match the strengths, capabilities and character of Piedmont Church with the needs and opportunities of our evolving world. This Mission Study will help the congregation to arrive at a shared vision of the church’s future mission and to prepare it to undertake a wide-ranging pastoral search, resulting in a new Senior Minister well suited to lead Piedmont Church on this journey into the future. The Mission Study will result in a summary document (The Mission Statement) for use by the new Senior Minister.

An ideal candidate for this position would have the following qualifications:

• Ordained and experienced minister with a Seminary degree
• Trained and certified as a Transitional-Interim Minister, with at least one successful service in this capacity
• Excellent, dynamic preacher
• Prior experience managing a church staff
• Outstanding people skills; develops solid insights quickly into individuals
• Good listener with a demonstrated ability to mediate disagreements; strong verbal and written communication skills

The compensation package for this position will be consistent with that of similar positions in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Applications for this position will be welcomed through June 15, 2020. For more information, or if you have an interest in this position, please contact
Richard Thompson, Transitional Minister Nominating Committee Chair, in confidence. Email: or Phone: (510) 206-8542

For more information on Piedmont Church’s Transitional Minister search process,
Read the March edition of The Messenger.