Our pledge is a reflection of God’s blessings to us.
By returning a percentage of our income for His work, we express gratitude.

Our 2021 pledge campaign recognizes that the many ministries and missions of Piedmont Community Church are possible only with your financial support. We ask that you prayerfully consider your gift and return your pledge card, or pledge online.

There are 3 ways to pledge online!

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Church members Jeff Leiberg and James Ramos give testimony, along with their pup, Keliki, in support of the 2021 pledge campaign. 


Piedmont Community Church member John Chiang shares his testimony as part of our 2021 pledge campaign, ‘Forward in Faith’.


Piedmont Community Church stewardship committee co-chair Susan Butenhoff shares her faith journey as part of our
2021 pledge campaign, ‘Forward in Faith’.


Life-long Piedmont Community Church member Zookie Todd kicks off our 2021 pledge campaign, ‘Forward in Faith’, with her
personal story of inclusion, engagement and inspiration.