Photographs by Michael Barber

Piedmont Community Church Senior Pastor Dr. Steve Schibsted, left, listens as Dr. Mark Labberton delivers the sermon during the installation service Sunday, January 8. More than 260 people attended the service in person, with more than 100 watching online. Steve was called by the congregation in March of 2022.
Board of Trustees member Rich Thompson, center, delivers Questions to the Pastor.
Church President Pat Leicher delivers Questions to the Congregation.
Church board members gather with clergy to begin the ceremony.
Rev. Dottie Hutch leads the laying on of hands with a brief message and a prayer.
Members of church boards lay hands on Dr. Steve Schibsted as a prayer is read.
Of the many board members participating in laying on of hands, Church President Pat Leicher, left, and Vicki Kendrick are close by.
Members of church boards lay hands on Dr. Steve Schibsted as a prayer is read.
Dr. Steve Schibsted listens to Youth Pastor Rev. Scott Kail as he reads the Charge to the Pastor.
Music Minister Dr. Stephen Main, accompanied by Associate Pastor Dr. Don Ashburn, far left and Rev. Scott Kail, left, delivers the Charge to the Congregation.
Dr. Steve Schibsted’s wife, Leslie, reacts to a statement by Eric Behrens, left, that Steve has too many books already, prompting the church to gift the couple a restaurant gift card instead.
Dr. Steve Schibsted hugs Eric Behrens who, along with church member Zookie Todd, led the Pastor Nominating Committee. The committee was responsible for bringing Steve to Piedmont Community Church.
Dr. Steve Schibsted enjoys time with parishioners and friends during a reception in his honor held at the church’s Guild Hall.
Dr. Steve Schibsted receives a warm welcome to the reception by a parishioner.
Rich Thompson chats with a parishioner near the Courtyard of Piedmont Community Church.
Near the end of the reception, Dr. Steve Schibsted enjoys cake and conversation with a parishioner.