The annual Piedmont Community Church Treasures Sale drew a large group of bargain hunters Saturday, March 11. Proceeds of the sale go toward supporting the youth trip to Tijuana, Mexico to build 15 homes for people in need. Photographs by Michael Barber

A line of bargain hunters spills out into the street an hour ahead of the opening of the Treasures Sale.
A Bay Area man who arrived first in line 90 minutes before the doors opened waits outside the Kettlewell Room for the sale to begin.
Youth Pastor Scott Kail thanks volunteers while gathered in the church kitchen for final instructions.
Volunteer Nancy Marvel prays with fellow volunteers 20 minutes ahead of the sale.
Shoppers stream into the sale at 9am.
A shopper races up the church stairs.
Prepared with a grocery bag, a shopper makes his way to the sale entrance.
Volunteer Bill Molmen directs people to areas of the sale that interest them most.
Volunteer Bob Wright oversees the electronics section of the sale.
Volunteers Christy Smith and Bill Molmen take a moment to appreciate some of the artwork on display.
A stack of claimed items waits for a new owner.
A shopper walks the Courtyard area of the Treasures Sale where bikes and items related to outdoor activities are displayed.
A shopper rests near a row of sold bicycles in the Courtyard after collecting treasures.