Stewardship at PCC

What are you grateful for?  It might be your family, health or faith. With our church season back in swing, we hope you’re also grateful for Piedmont Community Church.

Piedmont Community Church spends ~ $4,200 annually to serve each of our church families, like yours. Our annual operating budget is solely funded by your financial support.  Only with your dedication can we continue the programs you find most rewarding- be it worship services, Christian education for children and youth, the music program, our fellowship activities or extensive mission outreach.

As we do every year, with gratitude, we again ask for your continued generosity by pledging to the 2018 PCC Stewardship Campaign.

Pledging this year is easier than ever.  Just complete and return the pledge card which has been mailed to you, or simply pledge online by filling out the form below.

Our small volunteer team will be very grateful for your prompt response- please pledge by November 5. Please don’t hesitate to contact any below member of the 2018 PCC Stewardship Campaign, listed below.

With your 2018 pledge, Piedmont Community Church will continue to be a strong, vibrant member of your family, our local community and the global families we serve.

With great appreciation,

Aaron Aubrecht, Bill McNabb, Pat Ruffolo, Paul Schroeder, Maggie Spencer, Lani Taylor and Steven Thorne – The Piedmont Community 2018 Stewardship Team

My 2021 Pledge

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