Children's Sunday School

Our Children’s Sunday School classes start at 10:30 a.m. Sunday mornings. We have very capable and dedicated volunteer teachers who faithfully focus their efforts on teaching, learning, and exemplifying the goodness of God so each of the children can grow in their faith and spiritual understanding. Our programs, teachers and environment create a special place for all of our children. Children who are in preschool through Middle School participate in our Children’s Sunday School Program. We are using Group Publication’s Dig In Curriculum.

This year we are Digging into Discipleship  Each week, children hear Bible stories, sing, play games and make crafts relating to the lesson. We welcome children from preschool (3.5 years old) through 6th grade. Our nursery is available for younger children. For the first quarter we’ll be learning stories from Genesis, Exodus and Numbers. Some of these stories include: God Creates Adam and Eve (Genesis 1–2:24), God Tells Noah to Build an Ark (Genesis 6:9–9:17) and God Sends Miriam to Protect Moses (Exodus 2:1-10). The stories come with games and crafts to reinforce the message. Crafts include making dough to create something with a purpose (Adam and Eve), making jump ropes out of plastic bags (Noah’s Ark, God gives us “do-overs”).  Please contact Leslie Quantz with any questions.

―Let the children come to me ~ Mark 10:14

DIG IN Curriculum

The DIG IN Curriculum is a new program produced by Group Publishing. The program creates experiences where kids make discoveries, helping them to take ownership of their faith. DIG IN presents the Bible as real and relevant. Kids understand the Bible is not full of distant, irrelevant principles, but is packed with rich meaning that applies to their lives today.

  • DIG IN offers multisensory, educationally sound experiences that immerse kids in learning, rather than teacher talk that can result in boredom, disciplinary problems, and disengagement.
  • DIG IN builds in time for kids to talk to each other to process thoughts and concepts instead of only listening. Verbal participation helps to imprint Bible truths and capitalizes on the reality that for some kids “interacting with my friends” is a key motivator to come to church.
  • DIG IN lessons involve interaction, conversation, and storytelling. Kids learn from adults who share their own faith stories, building trust, friendship, and a faith that sticks. Kids practice relational skills that help them live out their faith beyond the classroom.
  • DIG IN lessons make a clear point…not multiple confusing points.
  • DIG IN uses one clear, kid-friendly Bible point, presented through multiple learning methods, that makes it easier for kids to grasp and remember what they’ve learned. Rather than hearing, “I learned about Jesus’ birth”, you might hear, “I learned that God does the impossible.”

This year we will be Digging into the Bible in One Year! Digging Into the Bible in One Year takes kids on a whirlwind journey from Genesis to Revelation. Kids experience a relationship with God through the eyes of ordinary Bible people. Kids will discover that they’re a lot like people God has always loved and worked through.

If you have any questions, email Leslie Quantz at