Community Engagement

Help Connect Visitors and Members

Welcoming Team
Review and adjust welcoming practices
To maintain a welcoming and nurturing environment at PCC.
Time Required:
8:45 – 9:30 am selected Sunday in the Guild Parlo
Contact Person: Dr. Don Ashburn 510-547-5700 ext 105

Greet visitors and make them feel welcome to our church. Offer any assistance and answer any questions that you possibly can; staff welcoming table before and after services
To welcome visitors and guests and encourage them to get to know our church community.
Time Required:
Volunteer as you are able
Contact Person:
Charly Taylor 510-339-2247

Connecting Team
Offer ongoing opportunities (dinners, brunch, receptions, training) for members – new and old – to learn more about the church and their role as members.
: Engage members to become connected to the life of the church.
Time Required:
1-3 hours per month
Contact Person:
Dr. Don Ashburn 510-547-5700 ext 105

New Member Connectors
Shepherd new members of PCC, helping them to find ways to grow in their faith, to serve others, to meet new people, and to receive support as needed.
To help new members become connected to the life of the church.
Time Required:
  1-4 hours per month for a 6 month period
Contact Person:
  Bob Leslie 510-654-5125

Marketing Team
Identify and implement ways to increase the visibility of PCC in the broader East Bay community by utilizing effective communication tools, i.e., website, social networking, advertising, branding, signage.
To invite and to attract people to attend and to get involved in our congregation.
Time Required:
4-5 hours per month
Contact Person:
Steven Thorne 510-452-8932

Forum Host

Volunteer to host one meeting of the forum, at the church, and provide refreshments and drinks. In addition, one must arrange for the doorkeeper to set up the room and hot drinks and clean-up food and room after the forum.
Purpose: Enhance the Forum outreach/fellowship opportunity.
Time Required: 1 1⁄2 hours in addition to the Forum.
Contact Person: Dr. Don Ashburn 547-5700 ext 105