On Saturday, April 1, about 50 people gathered to spruce up the grounds ahead of Holy Week. While the primary focus was weeding and planting, all manner of cleaning added to the success of the day. Photographs by Michael Barber

Volunteers work the front area of the church grounds to clean debris from underneath a large tree.
If planting doesn’t make you smile, you’re not doing it right. Gage Herman, left and Toni Robison plant the new boxes in the main entrance.
New plants are installed along the main entrance.
Tim Robison works quietly to stain one of several benches that occupy the church Courtyard.
Senior Pastor Steve Schibsted, left, and David Haecker get a workout while carrying potting soil.
Wayne Marzolf power washes the steps leading to the Kettlewell Room and the Sanctuary.
James Haverkamp takes a break from weeding the west side of the church grounds.
Wayne Guidici stains a bench that sits just outside the Kettlewell Room.
Senior Pastor Steve Schibsted prepares an area for planting with David Haecker and Christi Guidici.
James Haverkamp belts out a tune during the lunch that followed work day.
Bass player Jeff Hiller entertains the workers during lunch.