Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is a twelve member volunteer board elected by the congregation to a 3-year term. The Board supervises the church’s finances and manages the annual stewardship campaign. In addition, the Trustees are responsible for personnel and maintenance of the church plant. They manage the strategic plan, create the annual budget and plan the annual congregational meeting.

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Your 2022-23 Piedmont Church Board

Pat Leicher, President

Jan Wolfe, Past President and Finance

Dani Montague, Stewardship

Rich Thompson, Vice President and Personnel

Kathy Kelleher, Treasurer, Finance

Tom Parry, Finance

Christy Guidici, Personnel

Vicki Kendrick, Buildings & Grounds

Kara Baysinger, Personnel

Sara Hirsch, Secretary and Stewardship

Bill Molmen, Stewardship

Ann Lin, Stewardship

Bob Wright, Building & Grounds

Maureen Recker, Finance

James Havercamp, Buildings & Grounds

Kurt Peterson, Personnel


Board of Deacons

The Board of Deacons is a twelve member volunteer board elected by the congregation for a 3-year term. The Board is responsible for developing the Mission Program and disbursing mission funds to both local and international non-profit organizations. The Deacons coordinate congregational life activities such as new members’ classes and orientation, local community outreach projects, hospitality, and all-church dinners. In addition, they arrange for Sunday ushers, greeters and communion servers for the 10:30 am worship services.

Board of Deacons – David Birnbaum, Kristin Johnson, Gary Hurd, Jane Anderson, Will Adams, Caroline Benson, Sue Coffin, Linda Rice, Bob Livsey, Liz Becker, Swee Ling Chen, Jack Lewis

Board of Christian Education

The Board of Christian Education is a twelve member volunteer board elected by the congregation for a 3-year term. The Board chooses the Sunday School curricula and oversees the training of volunteer teachers. They oversee the planning of children’s chapel services and the confirmation program. This Board also coordinates children’s and youth fellowship groups, nursery care, and special events such as the Christmas Pageant, and the annual high school mission trip to Mexico.

Christian Education Board – Lindy Lowe, John Meyjes, Jeffrey Hiller, Zookie Todd, Jeff Dorman, Amy McKenzie, Blaire Jahn, Kristi Marcelle, Kelly Bailey, Wendi Lelke Wallway, Erin Gore, Stacy Readal

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild members decorate the worship space, set up weekly altar flowers, organize donations of weekly altar flowers and prepare the monthly communion service. Members serve for three years from January through December.

Altar Guild – Paul Schroeder, Judy Wright, Vicki Kendrick, Susan Latham, Helen Steers, Kathy Hurd, Catherine Smalzel