On Sunday, April 2 (Palm Sunday), Piedmont Community Church celebrated Associate Pastor Don Ashburn’s 20th year with a gathering in the Courtyard after worship. Don’s family, including wife Margaret Ovenden and adult children Griffin and Madeline, were in attendance.

Associate Pastor Don Ashburn, right, receives accolades from Senior Pastor Steve Schibsted during a celebration in his honor Sunday, April 2. Don was honored for his 20 years of service to Piedmont Community Church.
Don expresses gratitude toward Steve.
Nearly 100 people stayed after Sunday worship to acknowledge Don’s service to the church.
Board of Trustees member Jan Wolfe and Don enjoy light banter.
Board of Trustees member Jan Wolfe laughs as she and Don reminisce.
Associate Pastor Don Ashburn listens on.
Church member Steve Senter explains the many ways Don has helped him and his family over the years.
Don’s wife, Margaret, right, and daughter Madeline listen to the speeches.
With palm frond in hand, church member Joyce Hicks stands with husband Eric Behrens in the Courtyard.
Don’s family; son Griffin, daughter Madeline and wife Margaret Ovenden.
Don makes a silly face while church member Steven Thorne threatens to roast him.
Church member Steven Thorne recites just some of the experiences he has shared with Don over time.
Youth Pastor Scott Kail explains that Don led the church successfully during a recent time of transition.
Senior Pastor Steve Schibsted jokes that the gift he gave to Don on behalf of the church is $20, a dollar for every year Don has served.
Senior Pastor Steve Schibsted gives thanks to Don and his family.
Senior Pastor Steve Schibsted says a prayer with Don.
Don takes the mic to thank everyone for their kind words.
Don has a little fun with the gathering.
Don poses for a family photo with wife Margaret Ovenden, son Griffin and Madeline.