A Letter from Dr. William McNabb, Senior Minister

May 6, 2019

Greetings to you, Members and Friends of Piedmont Community Church,

I have a deep appreciation for the privilege of serving with you these past 18 years in the ministry to which we have been called. We have accomplished many good things together. Truly, it has been an honor and a joy.

I have been giving careful consideration to the timing of my transition to retirement, effectively ending my ministry here and transitioning to other forms of service. I have been in consultation with our Church President, the Board of Trustees and my personal advisors.

I have served as a minister now for 42 years and it has been a tremendously rewarding and fulfilling vocation. I have decided to end my tenure as Senior Minister at Piedmont Church September, 2020. This is a date and time that Maureen and I feel very good about and we are excited about beginning this new chapter in our lives. I have hobbies I want to pursue, places we want to see and books I want to read.

The 16 months between now and then will give the church time to plan for an orderly transition. I have been blessed to work with a talented and dedicated staff who will be of great help during this time of transition. I am certain that Piedmont Church will find an excellent new Senior Minister to lead it into a bright future.

In the time that we have together, I look forward to preaching the Good News of the Gospel and leading our church family in worship, moving ahead with our engagement process, adopting another refugee family through the work of the Refugee Task Force, shoring up our sister church relationships and mission projects in Malawi and in Oakland, while spending time with all of you, my friends at Piedmont Community Church.

So, no goodbyes yet. We have many months of important ministry between now and September, 2020. There will be time for goodbyes later.

With gratitude, I remain, Most sincerely yours,





Dr. William H. McNabb
Senior Minister, Piedmont Community Church

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A Letter from Charlie Nooney, Church President

May 6, 2019

Dear Piedmont Church Family,

After 18 extraordinary years of devoted and faithful service as our Senior Minister, Dr. McNabb has decided that it is time for him and his wife, Maureen, to retire from Piedmont Community Church. I know I’m not alone in recognizing that the church, and anyone with a connection to it, could never express enough gratitude for all that Dr. McNabb has accomplished here.

As I look around, I find it impossible to ignore the impressive contributions Dr. McNabb has had on our church. From initiating and nurturing our sister church relationships in Oakland and Malawi, to settling refugee families through the Refugee Task Force, while also raising millions for improving the church’s physical structure and long term financial security.

Most of all, he has been a trusted leader and friend, along our side, in our personal faith journeys. Dr. McNabb’s influence has been unmistakable.

Of course, Dr. McNabb’s tenure as Senior Minister isn’t over yet. As he explained in his letter, he plans to continue to serve until September of 2020. There is much to do during that time, and I know Dr. McNabb is as motivated as ever to make our church the best it can be.

Moreover, the Board of Trustees is as committed as ever to working with Dr. McNabb in the months ahead. When the time comes, we will organize a series of events for the entire Piedmont Church family to properly celebrate Dr. McNabb and thank him for his invaluable ministry.

Please join me in thanking Dr. McNabb for his dedicated service to our church as we remain true to our heritage by boldly sharing the message and mission of God’s unconditional love for all.

Peace and Blessings,




Charlie Nooney
President, Piedmont Community Church

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