Piedmont Forum: Martha Sommers - Sunday, April 7, 5 pm

On Sunday, April 7, Piedmont Church is pleased to once again welcome medical missionary, and our friend, Dr. Martha Sommers.  After serving at hospitals in Malawi for many years, Dr. Sommers had more recently lived and worked in Congo and Madagascar.  She is now a family practice physician in Malawi, and serves as a lecturer and family medicine practitioner at Nkhoma Hospital, the only mission hospital in Malawi offering postgraduate training in family medicine.

Dr. Sommers assists with the hospital’s development of the family medicine training program and trains experienced district hospital doctors to teach students the basics of family medicine.  She will reflect on her experiences in the mission and medical fields and answer questions about her work. Free of charge.

Location: Christian Education Building, Chapel.

For more information, contact Dr. Don Ashburn, or call the church office at (510) 547-5700.