The Osborn Family

On the advice of a neighbor, we came to PCC in 2012, and though the birth of our third child made attendance sporadic, we felt we had found a home. In a world dominated by divisive anger, PCC is a haven, and one that has become a regular part of our lives. For Mike and myself, we feel drawn each week to meaningful sermons that give us perspective and remind us not only of our purpose here in this space, at this time, but also of what good we can do in our community. We appreciate that here, being a Christian means being taking action to help others. With programs like the alternative gift market, the refugee task force, the Mexico trip and the day of service, there are so many ways to put our words into action. I bring my children here so they can hear the stories of Jesus, have a place to ask questions and begin their own journey of faith. We come as a family to this space because we feel part of a larger family, and have met so many wonderful people who we can now call friends. We are Piedmont Community Church.  — Gwendolyn Osborn