Prayer Requests at PCC

Monthly Prayer Circle

Philip Yancey writes: “When I bring others before God in prayer, I bear in mind that God is present both to me and to the people for whom I am praying. Starting from the center point of God’s love, my prayers move outward in widening circles, like ripples in a pond, from those closest to me to those in the distance.”  As a community of faith, Christ calls us to lift one another up. And that “lifting” involves praying for those who need healing, help, and hope. At PCC, this happens in many ways, including in a new Prayer Circle. The Circle gathers once a month for a time of praise, contemplation and intercession for those in need. The membership includes Rev. Don Ashburn and several lay people. All prayer requests are held in strict confidence.

To send a request you can:
1) Write it down on a prayer card in the sanctuary
2) Fill out the prayer request form below
3) Get in touch with Rev. Ashburn or with Prayer Circle member, Lisa Lindsley