Piedmont Community Church

Mexico Missions Trip April 10-15, 2022

Safety Protocols and Requirements

  • First, be advised that all participants will be required to adhere to all of Amor Ministries safety protocols listed on their web site: https://amor.org/safety/

  • Second, Piedmont Community Church will also require the following for every participant, both students and adults:

    • Full vaccination for COVID-19 at least 15 days prior to the trip departure (March 26, 2022)
    • A documented negative COVID-19 test result 3 days prior to trip departure date
    • A signed health waiver will be required for each participant
    • Travel insurance will be purchased for all participants, included as part of the trip fees
    • Masks will be worn in camp (except while eating), on the worksite and while traveling
    • Our medical staff will have rapid COVID-19 tests in camp and will test anyone that shows coronavirus symptoms or becomes exposed to someone with COVID-19
    • If any participant tests positive for COVID-19 during the trip, they will immediately be quarantined and transported to the U.S. by Amor ministries and will be checked into a hotel room. The parents will be notified immediately, and they will be responsible for their student, including coming to get them in San Diego ASAP. They will also be responsible for covering any costs associated with their student. The purchased travel insurance will be usable at that point.
    • While in camp, sleeping arrangements will be made by team to limit contact with others. Tents will be limited to 4 persons to an 8-10 person tent to allow for distancing while sleeping.
    • Showering and bathroom usage will be restricted to our group if other groups are in camp
    • All food will be prepared adhering to the highest safety protocols and no outside food will be allowed to be purchased or consumed.

Mexico uses a four-tiered color rating pertaining to COVID-19 restrictions. (Red being the worst, Orange, Yellow, and Green having no restrictions). The areas of Mexico that we will be staying and building in are currently in the Yellow category. Amor ministries, and the Mexican government, are continuously monitoring the situation and are allowing groups to come in and build while in the Yellow category. We will be notified if there is any change prior to our trip and will act accordingly.