What To Expect

We want to provide you with enough background information to make an informed decision about your financial support of the church for coming year.  We’re going to cover a number of topics…

• We will present the current financial position of the church along with some historical information.  

• We will share stewardship campaign goals and show you some historical giving trends.  

• With feedback from the Mission Study Team, we will discuss how vision and goals for the year ahead will be developed and how we will align our financial and human resources accordingly.

• We will discuss our move to a new way of budgeting where staff, teams and boards will decide what it will cost to execute on our plans utilizing a zero based budgeting model.

• And we will take time to answer your questions.  

Our goal is to provide you with the information you need in order to carefully and prayerfully consider your financial commitment to the church for 2022.