Circle of Life 

Some 100 years after the founding of Piedmont Community Church, we have an opportunity to follow in the footsteps of the original founders by making a gift to the Endowment Fund: to endow future generations with the same opportunities for service and growth in Christ we have experienced here.  That is Our Circle Of Life.  As scripture says, “Freely you received, freely give.” Matthew 10:8.

What began as a Sunday school in parents’ homes in 1910, blossomed into a church community of 350 member families, over 40 church groups, two sister churches, and mission activities of local and international reach. Now Piedmont Community Church offers programs that support young children, teens, families, seniors, and our local and global community.

The Wallace & Mary Alexander Founders Circle recognizes those who would like to give to the Endowment Fund and support the future of Piedmont Community Church. You can contribute to the fund as a way of affirming your commitment to God and reflecting PCC’s importance in your life, while ensuring its legacy for the benefit of future generations.

Click here to sign up for your Endowment brick for 2018!  Return your card to Toni Fischer at PCC: 400 Highland Avenue, Piedmont 94611, or email it to

Endowment Brochure

PCC Courtyard – Sketch

Endowment FAQs:

What is the Alexander Society?
The Wallace and Mary Alexander Founders Circle is an organization for those individuals and families which have contributed funds to the Piedmont Community Church Endowment Fund.

How do I participate?
Honoring the legacy of the Alexanders, those who support the Endowment Fund via an immediate gift or structured gift become members of the Wallace & Mary Alexander Founders Circle.

How can I donate/support PCC?
A gift of a minimum of $500 in any of the following ways:

Immediate Gifts:

  • Cash Gifts – provides for the immediate use by the Endowment Fund
  • Appreciated Property & Stocks – which allows you to deduct the full fair-market value from taxes, owned by you directly or via in IRA or 401k
  • Memorial Gifts – provides a gift to honor someone special

Structured Gifts:

  • Wills and Trusts – easily provides for the church by simply adding the church to either your trust or will
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts – provides you with an income when you need it
  • IRA/Pension Plan Beneficiary/Life Insurance Beneficiary – designates the church as beneficiary of remaining funds after you are gone
  • Pooled Income Fund – shares in income from a professionally managed pool of gifts

What is the process to contribute?

  • If paying with a check, simply make the check out to: Piedmont Community Church, and on the line in the lower left of the check  write ‘Endowment Fund’; and send to Toni Fischer, Business and Financial Manager, at the PCC address
  • If transferring stocks from a brokerage account, an IRA or a 401k, contact Toni Fischer, the Business and Finance Manager of PCC (510-547-5700) and request her provide you with the brokerage account used by PCC for such purposes

Can I donate online to PCC?
Yes.  Just click here, and in the remark state “Endowment Brick”.

Can I support PCC financially and remain anonymous (no brick)
Yes, of course.

What is the minimum gift to be included for a PCC Brick?

Will we achieve our financial goal if everyone contributes the $500 minimum?
No, we will not.  Yet, it is hoped that those who have more will contribute more.

Why does someone get the same reward for contributing $500 as one who contributes $10,000?
Our objective is to have every individual contribute as much as he or she feels comfortable in doing, and as an associated benefit receive the recognition of becoming a member of the Wallace & Mary Alexander Founders Circle, and as a consequence thereof to be able to be recognized with a Brick on the Memorial Path.   Our philosophy is to emphasize that the gift is in the giving and not acquisition of the a lot of Bricks.

Is there a quantity discount if I contribute more than $500?
No, there is not.

If I contribute significantly more than the $500 minimum, then how is it determined how many Bricks I can obtain?
We are using the notion of a ‘nuclear’ family, with each of the following examples being considered one ‘nuclear’ family.  Based on the following example, Don & Dolly may purchase 3 Bricks:

(i)     Member parents inclusive of the children in their family
(example…Don & Dolly Lotte, with their two children Reginald and Gladys);

(ii)    Don’s parents
(Harry and Eunice…who are the grandparents of Reginald and Gladys);

(iii)    Dolly’s parents
(Fred and Myrtle…who are also the grandparents of Reginald and Gladys).

Can I donate or gift in the name of a loved one?
Yes, of course.  Grandparents as mentioned above.  Also, if there is a special relative who you wish to commemorate.

What is the deadline to be included for a PCC commemorative Brick?
Easter Sunday – April 6th, 2015

How many characters are there on a Brick?
54 characters, which includes any spaces between names, and is 3 lines of 18 characters per line

How often will PCC be adding new bricks to the commemorative walkway?
Yearly, every Spring.

Who can I contact if I have questions?

Email Frank Arthur or call 510-816-5914

Email Rev. Dr. William McNabb or call 510-547-5700

Bequests or contributions should be directed to:

The Piedmont Community Church Endowment Fund
Piedmont Community Church
400 Highland Avenue
Piedmont, California 94611