Worship will be online only through April 5. Sanctuary will be closed to the public.

Watch Sundays Beginning at 9 AM

Our church staff and lay leaders are committed to continued coronavirus prevention. Their actions are based on a sensible combination of CDC recommendations and a profound understanding of congregational needs.

In Practice

The church may be closed, but the good work of Piedmont Church continues in a variety of ways:

  • Sunday worship services are posted weekly on our website
  • Church staff now meets online each Tuesday at 11 am
  • Jean Leahy is available to answer your calls weekdays from 10 am – 12 Noon (otherwise, voicemail
  • Lay leaders continue to meet online and by phone
  • Livewire and Rock meet online
  • Many small groups have arranged for video meetings
  • Sunday school lessons are posted to our website and emails are sent inviting parents to participate with their children

Our staff is working diligently to ensure our facilities are kept clean. Here are some of the steps they are taking:

1) Providing sanitizer at all main entrances including Sanctuary, CE Building and Office

2) Providing extra soap at all wash stations

3) Sterilizing surfaces in CE Building

4) Frequently sterilizing doors and door handles

5) Wiping sanctuary pew rails before and after services

6) Sterilizing offering plates before and after services

Exposure – If you have come into contact with a person who is at risk of coronavirus, we ask that you notify a member of Clergy, or designated leader or contact person of your church group, so that the church can take necessary precautions to protect others. Of course, your identity will be kept confidential.

Mexico Sale and Mission TripRev. Scott Kail has chosen to postpone the house building mission trip until May 31. More details to come.

Online Worship – Since August of 2018, LIVE worship has been available to those who are unable to attend. We will conduct services online only through March at PiedmontChurch.org/LIVE and on our Facebook page.

In Faith

We recognize some are voluntarily removing themselves from public interactions. Please contact the church office at (510) 547-5700, or write to Dr. Don Ashburn at Don@PiedmontChurch.org, to request pastoral care.